Certificates delivered by Telia Company follow baseline security requirements set by WebTrust and CA/Browser Forum. In addition to these, a particular care needs to be taken by customer in order to maintain the security of server certificates. Especially keeping the private key secured from getting lost and keeping it from getting into hands of a third party is paramount. If a private key is lost, Telia Company may charge the cost of a certificate with a new private key.

It is necessary to contact Telia Company if the personnel of the organization owning the server certificate or third parties using services protected by the certificate have a clear and present suspicion of the following:

  • a private key has ended up in the hands of a third party
  • a certificate fraud (the use of the certificate in a server which is not controlled by certificate owner or by a sub-contractor of the owner)
  • a substantial change in the certificate information
  • other forms of certificate misuse

Telia Company is contacted either by email or via a feedback form in the support site. In urgent cases we recommend contacting Telia Company or revoking the certificate by calling +358 (0) 800 156667. There is also a form for revocation of certificates.